Ensuring our viability for the future

Our efficiency and our sustainability go hand-in-hand. Our viability – now and in the future – depends on using resources efficiently and maintaining our license to operate by minimizing our external impacts.

As an integral element of our operations strategy, we have continued to focus on the sustainability of our operations. Just as The Good Growth Plan seeks to increase the sustainability of our offers in the field by 2020, this work aims to secure the long-term viability of our internal and external operations.

Our sustainability standards and performance are closely scrutinized and approved by Syngenta’s Board. In 2015, we increased our effort to analyze the external impacts of our operations and identified five key focus areas for reducing our impact: energy, water, waste, suppliers and logistics.

Our environmental impacts arise mostly in the areas of energy, hazardous waste, wastewater and water consumption. We report our performance both in absolute terms and as intensity expressed per dollar of sales. The benefits of concentrating attention on the sites where our impacts are greatest are evident in the 2015 figures.

Syngenta’s Annual Report serves as our annual Communication on Progress (COP) for the United Nations Global Compact. More detail on our progress can be found by downloading the Annual Review.