Accelerating value creation

Our focus is on delivering higher profitability and above-market growth, building on the success of our innovation. We are adapting our integrated strategy where necessary to ensure that it is closely aligned with the varying needs of our customers around the world. Strong new products are vital for success, and our ongoing investment in Research and Development is securing the flow of innovation for many years to come.

In a turbulent market environment, Syngenta’s ambition remains unchanged: to bring greater food security in an environmentally sustainable way to an increasingly populous world by creating a worldwide step change in farm productivity. The launch of The Good Growth Plan and its increasing influence across the business is taking us nearer to realizing our ambition.

Our strategy needs to be at the service of profitability as well as growth. We have heightened our focus on cost efficiency, enabling us to deliver higher margins even in a context of lower crop prices. In doing so, we are exploiting the global platforms put in place since launching our integrated strategy in 2011.

Business model