Annual Report 2015


Bringing plant potential to life

We apply world-class science and the most productive research and development in the industry to achieve a step change in agricultural productivity.

2015 Overview
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We are using our deep understanding of crops to develop integrated offers, which increasingly bring together genetics and chemistry.

The industry’s most productive innovation engine

Syngenta invests around $1.4bn a year in R&D, and is unique in combining chemistry, genetics, breeding and computational science to develop new products and solutions.

Research and Development
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Seeing the world as growers see it

We’ve integrated our business so that we can combine a broad range of technologies that will have the greatest impact on yields, quality and resource efficiency.

Crops in focus
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    Sales in Cereals
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    Sales in Corn
  • Sales in Diverse field crops
    Sales in Diverse field crops
  • Sales in rice
    Sales in Rice
  • Sales in Soybean
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  • Sales in Specialty crops
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  • Sales in Sugar cane
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  • Sales in Vegetable
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  • Sales in Lawn and garden
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Securing a sustainable future

The Good Growth Plan is our commitment to help farmers meet the challenge of feeding a fast-growing world population sustainably. It’s central to our strategy for business growth.

The Good Growth Plan
Farmers globally
To foster collaboration, we share our data openly so that others can build on what we learn.
Crops in 42 countries
  • Make crops more efficient
  • Rescue more farmland
  • Help biodiversity flourish
  • Empower smallholders
  • Help people stay safe
  • Look after every worker